Hi, Welcome to LiteralSystems.org. I believe the service of making an audio book drawn from great literature and making it freely available to the public is a general plus in several ways. Here are a few: doing this helps maintain our children's exposure to the finer offerings in language and expression through a contemporary avenue, such as listening with ipods. And, as audio books for the blind our delivery system (yes, the internet) remains instantly available around the world, and being free, these audiobooks never need to be returned.

These recordings benefit home-schooling courses, language training, functions as quality entertainment and being released under a Creative Commons license these recordings are ensured to remain available and free for your personal enjoyment perpetually. No one shall charge for copies of these recordings. Drop us a note and tell us how we are doing.

We put a premium on quality made recordings. Help us expand our library and keep this work available around the clock to the public worldwide and always free of charge.

Sincerely, Warren Smith Director of Operations

Special Thanks:
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Text by Project Gutenberg
Illustration "Sister Station"
by Sarah Atlee